Trends in baby showers

Trends in baby showers

Baby showers are certainly not a new phenomenon. But a baby shower in 2019 is certainly not what it was a few years ago. To help you navigate the contemporary baby shower and make your event one to remember, here are some of the latest trends.

No more clich├ęd baby games

We have all heard about baby showers where the host melts a variety of different chocolate bars in nappies and the guests have to guess the flavour. Or games where guests guess how big the mama-to-be's belly is and measure this out in string.

Often these types of traditional baby shower games are pretty outdated, undignified and might not be the confidence boost your guest of honour needs (after all, a pregnant woman probably doesn't appreciate knowing her friends and family think her waistline is now 3 metres!).

This doesn't mean that all activities and fun are out, just that they should fit with the tone of the event. Think simple options like guessing the arrival date, name and weight of the babe. Or for the creative types, allowing guests to decorate singlets or socks for the little one.  Alternatively, some may prefer to keep the event game-free and just enjoy a lovely party!

Styling is a must

As with any event in 2019, styling is a real trend. Think about themes, whether it be colour, the baby's gender or a theme that is special for the parents-to-be.  You can carry the theme through to food, with exquisitely decorated cupcakes or personalised cookies. Others may prefer to keep it simple and limit the styling to invitations and decorations.

Pampering for the Mum-to-be

Rather than opting for a full blown baby shower, some may prefer a smaller event with a group of close family and friends.  A great option is to do something that might not be so easy to manage after the baby arrives. This could be a sophisticated lunch at a glamorous restaurant, a day of pedicure and manicure pampering or a trip to the movies!

Get the father-to-be involved too

It used to be the case that baby showers were an all-female affair and men had a separate event (or none at all) to celebrate the impending arrival. But with fathers being more and more involved and supportive, this is changing. It is increasingly common for the baby celebration to involve men and women, which is a great way to share the excitement.  Your guests will love being able to bring their partners and possibly their children along too.

Gift registries are the way to go

Another major trend in baby showers is for the host to organise an online gift registry. This is a relatively new approach in Australia, but has been popular overseas for some time. It makes perfect sense as well. It ensures the parents-to-be get gifts they need and don't end up with 6 Sophie the Giraffe teething toys. Guests can also contribute to one major present, such as a cot or a pram with can be really helpful.  It makes life easy for guests and they know they are contributing a present which their friends or family member will love.

Keep these trends in mind and you will plan the perfect baby shower!

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