Creating a Honeymoon-themed wedding registry

Creating a Honeymoon-themed wedding registry

Many couples love the idea of guests contributing to the costs of their honeymoon.

The simplest way to do this is to include a single gift on the online wedding registry, described as a ‘honeymoon fund’ and invite each guest to give their desired amount towards the couple’s special adventure.

Another approach, which we love, is to break the honeymoon up into specific activities or experiences that individual guests can purchase outright.  This style is more personal.  Guests love to know exactly what their contribution has been used towards and to feel that the couple will associate a memory of that specific experience with them, for years to come.

To help get you started, here are some possible honeymoon related gifts to include on your registry:

  • Flights - to and from the honeymoon destination
  • Accommodation – this can be per night or might include different hotels or resorts
  • A couple’s massage or spa treatment
  • Transport around the country you’re visiting – for example, internal flights, airport transfers or a train pass
  • Dinner at a once-in-a-lifetime restaurant
  • Cocktails by the beach or at a special bar
  • Classes where you and your partner can learn a new skill together – this might be surfing lessons, a cooking class or a wine appreciation course
  • Tickets to a play or a musical
  • Spending money for a shopping spree
  • Travel essentials such as a new camera or luggage

Try to include a variety of gifts at several different price points to ensure your guests have plenty of choice on your gift registry

Creating a honeymoon-themed registry in this way will ensure you have happy guests, not to mention it will build the excitement for the first adventure that you and your partner will take as husband and wife!

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