Three ways to an engagement party extravaganza

Three ways to an engagement party extravaganza

Well he liked it, so he put a ring on it and now you're engaged! You're bursting with excitement and can't wait to celebrate this momentous event with family and friends.

So, what are the options for an engagement party you ask.  Here are some possibilities to inspire you.

1. A party for the masses

Often, an engagement party is the way a couple chooses to share the excitement of their impending nuptials with a large group of family, friends, colleagues and friends of their parents.  The guest list may be much larger than the anticipated wedding guest list.

This obviously has implications for the engagement party. Couples often find it easier to keep the engagement party as a stand-up or cocktail-style affair at a large venue such as a bar, backyard or hall. But just because you are catering to a large number of people doesn't mean you're engagement party has to be cookies cutter. Think about themes to make sure your event doesn't feel like a birthday or any other party.  We love the idea of an afternoon garden party, where guests are encouraged to dress in lounge suits and floral dresses. Deck out the venue with gorgeous flowers and think about offering a signature cocktail. Your guests will love getting involved in the theme and it will certainly make for a more memorable and glamorous event.

2. Opt for an intimate dinner or lunch

If a huge gathering is not your style or you're not too keen on being the centre of attention, consider a sit down dinner or lunch with your closest family and friends.  The venue might be a private dining room at a fabulous restaurant, a self-catered backyard dinner party or a large table at a favourite local restaurant. With fewer guests you will have ample opportunity to speak to everyone and it may be a little easier to organise. Plus, your guests will feel extra special for making it onto such an exclusive list!

3. Let's get active

Engagement parties can be a great way to encourage your friends and family to get to know the friends and family of your partner, well before the wedding.  You can help make this happen by having an engagement party where all the guests get involved in an activity. For example, you may choose barefoot bowls for your engagement party and hire a food truck to cater the event. The barefoot bowls will act as a great icebreaker and get everyone talking. 

Other options for activity-based engagement parties include winery tours (where we all know the tasting will facilitate conversation between guests) or a party on a sailing ship where all your guests can discuss the views as you coast around the bay or harbour.

Do you have other ideas for an exceptional engagement extravaganza? We'd love you to share them in the comments section below.

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