The Hint Registry presents … our 5 favourite dinner sets

The Hint Registry presents … our 5 favourite dinner sets

Dinner parties are not going out of style any time soon. They are and will remain your chance to not just bring conviviality into your home, but to impress with your taste and unique style. So: style it up, and set the perfect table with these superlative choices.

Japanese chinaware company Noritake established itself in Australia in 1958 and had a mid-century heyday downunder as the quintessential and, indeed, ubiquitous wedding gift. Now experiencing a second wind for their practical yet pretty and very fine quality tableware, Noritake offers a large range of dinner set that are a great pick for couples with contemporary or vintage tastes.

We see the Noritake revival as going hand in hand with the revival of mid-century Danish minimalist teak furniture so suitable for contemporary apartment living. Both are also a nice counterbalance to the increasingly large proportions of contemporary lounge and dining suites and, indeed, dinner plates. Noritake manufactures in Australia, giving easy access to extra or multiple pieces – and even entire discontinued vintage sets for those after the full mid-century experience.

Our pick of the Noritake bunch: Marc Newson by Noritake – a breath of fresh minimalist air in all-white pieces in sublimely elegant proportions. Vintage pick: Rowena, for its delicate yet precise Japanese sensibilities.

High-end yet accessible. That’s Villeroy & Boch bone china manufactured with German craftsmanship. It’s a delight to hold and behold, impossibly delicate and transparent – but don’t be fooled. These pieces are as hard-wearing as they are beautiful.

Our pick: the sensational purity and proportioned perfection of Villeroy & Boch’s all-white Anmut collection. It’s the dinner set of choice for design aficionados from the Continent to Melbourne. A changing range of colourful patterns are also available on the classic Anmut design and its distinctive clean shade of white. If your interior design aesthetic is minimalist, modern industrial, or just features clean lines and subdued palettes in either neutrals and pastels or pops of brilliant colour, this is the choice for you.

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