First-Time Mothers

First-Time Mothers

First-time mum? Try our tips for giving and receiving

Congratulations – you’ve just been told you are expecting a little bundle of joy. How exciting! Now you are thinking about your baby shower.

The Hint Registry is designed to take the hassle out of giving and receiving, but what if you are new to all things baby? Before you start feeling overwhelmed, be assured that while there is no one-size-fits-all way to go about things, we think we can offer new mothers a few useful pointers.

What are the baby essentials?

Just as there is no one right way to be a mum, there is no definitive list of baby essentials.

If you live in a small flat, you might not want a bassinet, even if it’s essential for other mums you know. A sling might be on your must-have list, or it might not. On the other hand, almost everyone will make good use of a high chair, car capsule and a pile of adorable onesies. Read up, talk to your own mum and friends, and be assured that what’s right for you is your own choice alone.

Help at hand?

What more thoughtful gift for a first-time mum than helpful services?

The last thing you want to be thinking about in your first weeks and months of motherhood is cleaning the house. And what about laundry pick-up and delivery? Your friends would love to lighten your load and help you outsource some of the more mundane tasks so you can concentrate on joyful us-time with your new bub.

You and baby will deserve all the pampering you can get, too, so don’t be shy about putting a mother and baby massage on your registry, or a spa package that you might not think of buying for yourself.

Making memories

You’ll never forget what it is like to have your first baby, and you can share your memories and milestones with all the family for generations to come with a glamour photography session – or what about a memory book designed to be handed down the generations? 

Encourage your guests through your registry choices to help you make the most of this most precious time, now and forever. 

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