Five fabulous hens party ideas

Five fabulous hens party ideas

Today we are thinking about hens days, kitchen teas and other treats to spoil that bride-to-be! If you've been entrusted with the task of organising one of these events, you'll know it's no piece of cake. You need to find something that suits the styles of the bride-to-be, had the right price point for her guests and will be memorable and fabulous for all those involved.

We all know the traditional option of a night out on the town, perhaps a bride-to-be sash or tacky veil. But for the stylish bride-to-be that probably won't cut it. So to save you some time and get you inspired, here are some of our favourite hens party ideas for your Gift Registry.

1. High tea

For the sophisticated bride-to-be, we love a high tea hens day. This is perfect if the guest list includes people from many different parts of the bride's life and a variety of ages. Your bride won't be uncomfortable indulging on sweet treats with her grandma and co-workers, like she might be at a traditional hens night. Plus, with plenty of different high tea options on offer these days, you can find one to perfectly fit the bride. For example, a dessert themed high tea is ideal for the sweet tooth.

2. Dance classes

Get active with a dance class themed hens event.  This is a great way to break the ice ahead of the wedding when you have guests from a range of different places who may not know each other. You can pick a dance style that the bride-to-be will love - Beyoncé is always a favourite or try something different like Latin. It will be a memorable party for everyone, plus you will learn some new moves to pull out on the dance floor at the wedding!

3. The slumber party

If you have a small, close group of friends attending the hens event, you may want to consider a staycation. Hire a hotel room, apartment or house and get your slumber party on. Think pedicures, movies, wine and loads of laughs. This will take the bride-to-be back to her high school days. You might even want to make that the theme of the night!

4. Winery tour or cocktail making course

While alcohol often fuels the celebrations at a hens event, many brides prefer a more refined tone and a winery tour or cocktail making class are perfect. You can choose a fantastic option based on your budget, the number of guests and the bride-to-be's tastes.

5. Gourmet dinner

For the bride-to-be who wants to keep things low key, how about a gorgeous dinner at a fabulous restaurant? This is a great way to celebrate and spoil a bride-to-be who is reluctant to be the centre of attention. You don't need sashes, veils or games. Just go somewhere that serves the bride-to-be's favourite cuisine and give her a special evening with the friends and family that love her the most!

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