Registry rules: The dos and don'ts of asking for gifts

Registry rules: The dos and don'ts of asking for gifts

You've created a registry, to make life easy for your guests and ensure you receive gifts you'll love and need.  But how do you tell your guests about the registry without appearing presumptuous? Wondering about the etiquette when it comes to wedding registries? Here are a few tips.

1. Don’t refer to the registry in the invitation

A classic piece of advice when it comes to etiquette is that couples should not mention the registry on the invitation.  This sounds a little tricky. If the details aren’t on the invitation, where should they go? 

Well, you have a few different options.  You could include a separate notecard in the same envelope with details of the registry, as well as other important information your guests may require, like transportation or parking information. 

Alternatively, you could create a wedding webpage which includes this information and just list the website on the invitation. 

Either way, it is important that a printed invitation itself doesn’t refer to gifts.  You don’t want guests to think their invitation is conditional on them buying you a present!

2. Do think carefully about your wording

There are a number of different ways to explain to guest that you have created a registry.  The traditional option goes along the lines of:

“Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all.  However, should you wish to give us a gift, we have created a registry with The Hint Registry to make this more convenient”.

Other options include a poem or verse, which has a bit more character.  Or you could explain what the registry is for, for example, to help you celebrate your wedding with a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

The key point to remember is that the wording should be authentic, reflect the tone of your wedding (is it traditional, casual, chic) and should convey that the most important gift your guests can give is to attend your special celebration.

3. Always remember to say ‘thank you’

After all the rose petals are swept up, the dress has been dry cleaned and the presents unwrapped, remember to send your guests a short note of thanks. 

Handwritten thank you cards are a thoughtful option.  They show your guests that you have taken the time to think about a personalised message just for them. 

Be sure to mention the specific gift that the guest has contributed.  Good registries (like The Hint Registry!) will help you do this by providing a list of who has contributed what.  Your guests will be touched by your note and it will provide another great opportunity to remember your magical day.

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