Top tips for gift registry success

Top tips for gift registry success

Gift registries are where the art of giving meets the art of receiving graciously.

It’s said that it is better to give than receive. Who can disagree? We all love to give the perfect gift. Your guests will enjoy giving you that something special all the more if you make it easy and pleasurable for them.

So, first of all, thank you for choosing The Hint Registry for your gift registry. It’s our business to make giving and receiving everything it can be. Now let us share a few tips to help you make a joy of giving for your guests.

1. Start early

Don’t rush the registry. Start your planning as early as you possibly can. You need time and so do your guests.

You need time to be sure that you and your partner are clear on what you would like to include. Your guests need time for all kinds of reasons, but thoughtfully choosing for the perfect gift will be one of them. They may also be attending pre-wedding parties, so having your registry available early will allow them to use it for those. 

You’ll feel better if you give yourself and everyone else all the time you need. Your guests will be grateful, too.

2. Involve your partner

Many grooms are happily hands-on when it comes to registries and, equally, many a groom would be just as happy to leave that one to his bride. If you are a bride with a groom who falls in the latter category, be sure to persuade him why this one should be a joint venture.

It may be easier said than done, but you both need to be very clear about your respective and shared tastes. It can take time and experience to know what you really like – or more to the point, what you can happily live with, now and forever. Then there is knowing what you will compromise on if your beloved’s tastes differ, and where you might ask him or her to be the one to compromise.

Best, too, to have these discussions early and privately, not in a last-minute rush and not on the department store floor.

3. Shop around

Being clear about your wishes and tastes will come more easily as you research what is out there. 

There is no shortage of information available about gifts that may be goods, services, honeymoons or travel, and events. All you need to do is set aside enough time to do your research.

Try longlisting then shortlisting as a practical and easy way to decide what your true priorities are.

4. Crunch the numbers

You should put more gifts on your registry than you have guests or potential gift-givers. 

Don’t hesitate over this. It’s not being greedy. It’s simply being practical and even courteous, when you consider that your givers will have a range of budgets and preferences about what kind of gift they would like to give you.

Have a range of types of gifts, and a wide range of price points.

5. Essentials and extras

This one comes down to you! By essentials, we are thinking of the classic wedding fare of linen, glassware, electrical appliances, cutlery and dinner sets – but these are more likely to be essential for younger couples than their mature or established counterparts.

Older couples or those with established households might have other kinds of gifts that come into the ‘essentials’ categories. But whatever your situation, do try to offer your guests the option of gifts that come into the essentials category and those that go beyond it.

And as for what are those extras or little luxuries or expressions of your style and lifestyle – that’s simply as unique as you are. 

Allow your guests who know your style to help you celebrate it.

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