Your Wedding Gift Registry Table

Your Wedding Gift Registry Table

You’ve given a lot of thought to your Hint Registry wedding gift registry, and everything has gone smoothly. Now the day has arrived, and your guests are asking where to put your gifts.


First things first: your wedding gift registry table should be part of your whole event planning. If you are hiring a stylist, be sure to brief them on your gift table needs. You’re bound to find that they have fantastic ideas that are both beautiful and practical.


Here’s a few of our own to get you thinking.


Styling your table

Most weddings will require a decent-sized table. We recommend a three-metre table for a wedding of 200 to 250 guests. It could also be a good idea to have a spare hidden but nearby, just in case. Only your ceremony attendees are expected to give gifts, but chances are your reception guests will want to give to you too, and you just may find your table overwhelmed.


Once you have identified a suitable table or two, be sure to style it in your wedding’s themes. Whether that is arty-crafty or a colour theme, for example the metallics we are seeing so much of this season, be sure that your table, its linen, flowers, candles and other features fit with your overall décor.


Give it a box. Many people are likely to bring envelopes, cards and gift certificates, and a pretty letterbox or birdcage styled and coloured to match your décor is perfect.


Signposting it

Do pre-empt the question, “Where can I put my gift?” Help people by trying an easel by the table, for example, or a large but pretty sign on it, maybe even matching your stationery for that perfect touch.


To signpost the table further for your first-arriving guests, perhaps place it near the entrance. You can put an early gift or two on it as well to avoid any confusion. 


An extra courtesy for your guests could be to post a friendly and familiar face at the table. This person can greet guests, answer any questions, and point them in the direction of the cocktail bar.


Staying organised

Last but not least, have a system in place for collecting the gifts at the end of the event. The last thing you want is for gifts and their cards to become separated, especially for off-registry gifts. You will probably have a nominated person or two doing this for you, and you could do worse than to select the most organised and careful people you know for this task.


Your thank-you notes will depend on it, so don’t let these final details let you down.

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