Three ways to an engagement party extravaganza

Well he liked it, so he put a ring on it and now you're engaged! You're bursting with excitement and can't wait to celebrate this momentous event with family and friends.

So, what are the options for an engagement party you ask.  Here are some possibilities to inspire you.


Featured registry: Brodie & Leath

Looking for ideas to create an incredible wedding registry? To help you out, we are featuring some of our favourite registries created by couples using The Hint Registry.

First up is Brodie and Leath’s registry. It’s a standout with a wide range of gifts, thoughtful and fun descriptions and great use of images. We love this registry as it really reflects the couple and their fun, creative style.


Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Hint Registry and our very first blog post!

We are often asked lots of interesting questions about registries, weddings, engagements and gifts and we'd love to share the answers with all of you. We've also picked up plenty of tips, tricks and industry insights and thought this blog would be the perfect place to tell you all about it.


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